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Cara HummelCara Hummel


I'm Cara. 

If we were to sit together and chat over a cup of coffee, I'd probably tell you:

  • about my family (husband, teenager, and ten year old twins)
  • how we adopted a labradoodle 
  • that I grew up in a Philadelphia suburb and although I don't really care if it is from Pat's or Geno's, I always order my cheesesteak "one whiz without"
  • how Cincinnati has become my home and that there will always be an Ohio license plate on my minivan
  • that my "framily" means the world to me (and by this point I'll have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat)
  • that I have had my own camera since the age of 6 and have shot many types of film - including discs in my Le Clic camera in the mid-80's
  • that I was very resistant to transitioning to a digital camera since I loved my 35mm film camera so much 
  • but now I love shooting with my digital slr (always Canon, btw)
  • that stories are a big part of my life - I love reading them, acting them out, experiencing them in film and on stage, and listening to my children read them aloud
  • that I don't love writing stories. I've always struggled to express myself with written words - preferring to speak my thoughts or show them with my art.
  • that capturing fleeting moments with my camera is my way of telling stories 
  • and that I absolutely can't wait to tell your story.